Recycle, Reuse and Radically Reduce Energy Through the Power of Resonance

Smart Phones

Electronics, batteries, and heat don’t mix and the combination can be disastrous Smartphones are extremely compact and complex resulting in a very high heat density getting too hot, even in one small area, can result in thermal runaway or worse, igniting fires Rezonent’s new breakthrough technology makes smartphones safer by reducing heat by up to 50%.

Dirty Secret of Digital

Here’s the problem: every time a transistor in your phone changes from 0 to 1, it needs energy. And when it goes back to 0, it dissipates that energy as heat. That means half the power is simply thrown away. Cars do better than that using what is called the Carnot Cycle. When you have transistors packed very closely, more and more heat is generated. That heat has to come out somehow.

Consider the “power consumption cost” of a simple Google search made from a MID. A fair amount of processing has to be performed locally on the MID and then the MID must transmit the request to its cellular network, which consumes a small portion of the MID’s battery life, which is not really a big deal. But what about the power consumption cost of the data centers that need to respond to the search request from a mobile user? First the request has to be processed by multiple servers as it skips across the Internet until it finally reaches the Google data center. An average Google search is reported to require ~ 0.3 watt-hours, about the same amount of power that it takes for a 100 watt light bulb to be lit for 10 seconds. Then the results of the search must be communicated back to the MID, bouncing back across multiple servers on the Internet. One doubts most Internet users have even contemplated how much energy is being spent every time they perform a Google search – and be quite sure Google doesn’t want them to know this!

Rezonent has solved this crippling heat waste. We’ve developed resonant circuitry that pre-emptively absorbs the dissipated heat, stores it magnetically, and re-uses it the next time that it’s needed saving up to 50% of the wasted energy. That means more available power AND less heat.

Overheating & Battery Drain

Main Causes of Smartphone Overheating

  • Gadget stress (gaming) while recharging
  • Excessive VR or high energy activity
  • Environmental factors (hot regions/direct sunlight)
  • Inconsistent charges, poor battery health

Overheating issues

  • Overheating, battery drain, performance drag
  • Display and phone back getting very hot
  • Overheats while charging
  • Shuts down unexpectedly

Rezonent's mission is to Recycle, Reuse and Radically Reduce energy that would otherwise be wasted as heat.